I first started experimenting with clay a few years ago, because I wanted to make this kind of little animal. Something about the glaze makes them super appealing, especially their little white ceramic paws where it doesn’t stick.

I made a lot of bears kind of like this, and some rabbits. I like those animals a lot, but also they’re pretty easy to sculpt (though weirdly, I didn’t make any snakes, which I guess would be even easier). I tried to make a horse once back then, but it was literally the worst. There’s a reason there are no pictures, and it didn’t make it to the firing process. 

I looked around for some examples, but didn’t find a lot (weirdly, clay artists seem to be all about short-legged animals). Then, recently, Ember was showing me some videos about My Little Pony customization, and they clued me in about what I might be missing: a little bit of armature.  This work in progress has cake pop sticks for legs, which apparently is making all the difference. 

 I’m pretty happy with it so far, but while it was drying the clay started cracking in all kinds of different places, so I did a little research. The first link I found this morning when I search “clay cracking while it dries” was a blog about how to make clay horses. So if you want to know how to do that, you should maybe check out this artist’s ebook – I think I might need to. 

What I can tell you today, since you’re here, is that getting started was really the important part, like usual. Wherever you want to go, there’s got to be a path forward…and once you start moving, it’s almost always easier to find.